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Like everyone, every hair is unique. Either service you choose we begin with a personal consultation so there is a perfect harmony between stylist and client. We always focus on our clients, it is the most important part of our job. We are happy to help with any question to keep your hair and nails healty. Here are some useful answers. Let us know if anything else comes to your mind.

About hair coloring and hair care

If you use the wrong level of peroxide or if you constantly change your hair color(over-processing) this is what will cause the damage to your hair. However, if you use professional products and the hair dresser treats your hair properly it will even become shinier.

Not everyday, it is too drying to the hair, especially chemically treated hair. Oily hair can be shampooed every other day. Normal hair can be shampooed 3 to 4 times a week. Dry hair or chemically treated hair can be shampooed twice a week—a third time can be done if using a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. It all depends on what products you are using also. Proper shampooing techniques are required to maintain a healthy scalp such as, use ball of fingers to massage scalp first and gently wash the hair—no rubbing together—it makes tangles and damages the hair.

You should use conditioner because after shampooing you need to detangle, moisturize and replenish what shampooing, chemicals and the outside elements have taken out of the hair. It also closes the cuticle and seals the hair for better shine and health. Conditioners do not weigh down the hair—if they do you are using the wrong conditioner—seek professional recommendations according to your texture, chemical services and personal needs.

For short hair apply only to the ends—never on the scalp. For mid to longer lengths application should start at the bottom and work it up to about 2 inches from the scalp. The hair closest to the scalp is the healthiest and really doesn’t need much conditioning.

 Some people use very hot water when they shower and shampoo their hair. Hot water opens up the cuticle of the hair and releases color molecules causing it to fade. Warm or tepid water should be used for the hair. Improper choices of shampoos and conditioners—use professional products designed to maintain your color—get professional advice as to what to use. Exposure to the sun can also fade color. Use professional products containing UV protection.

Salon or home treatment?

Box color is terrible for your hair, no this not a myth hair stylists perpetuate to their clients! They are formulated inconsistently meaning that every box differentiates slightly and is formulated with metals, that basically explode your hair cuticle. Box color cannot be formulated with professional grade developer so they use metals and other strange chemicals to penetrate the hair. NONE of which are good for your hair health especially when bleaching. Inconsistent formulating also means that if you used a box and liked it, you could use the same box color again later and get different results for no reason.

About hand and nail care

Gel polish should not weaken your nails when applied & removed properly.  It provides extra strength and prevents your nails from ripping and breaking, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.  The key is proper removal using a soak-off technique. Don’t chisel, chip, file or peel your polish off… doing this will absolutely damage your nails.

Shellac or gel polish is an excellent choice for durable nails, but you should start with healthy fingernails. If your cuticles and nail bed are peeling, damaged or splitting, you should not apply gel polish to them. These problems will affect the durability of your finished nails, so it is best to fix the problems before having the treatment. Our nail professionals are happy to offer you a treatment.

If you or your clients have weakened or damaged nails, CND’s new product, Rescue RXX might just save them. The new nail repair treatment is infused with keratin protein, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. The proteins in the treatment bond to the natural nail to strengthen and restore moisture. It also dramatically reduces peeling and white spots for healthier, stronger, and more beautiful nails. For best results, consult with our nail professionals.

CND Vinylux is the ultimate, long-wear lacquer, this chip-resistant polish stays as good as new for seven days. With a built-in base coat and high-shine, gel-effect finish, just apply two thin coats and then seal with CND’s Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to guarantee gorgeous nails.